Google Teases Audiobooks on the Google Play Store

<pre>Google Teases Audiobooks on the Google Play Store

A banner lets slip that you can soon be able to purchase audiobooks directly from the Google Play Store.

Android smartphone or tablet-you're in luck. Audiobooks are coming to Google Play, presumably in a big way.

According to numerous reports, Google has recently put up “Audiobooks are now on Google Play.” They weren't-or, rather, tapping the banner. And Google does technically offer Audiobooks already, just through Google Play Music, not the Google Play Store directly.

Google Audiobooks category to Google Play Store before it flips the switch. And when it does, the company is offering an incentive to get users browsing and buying:

Google is planning to present audiobooks in both the Google Play Store and Google Play Music. To reduce confusion, it's possible that Google might just move all audiobooks to the Google Play Store. We also do not know how many audiobooks Google is planning to offer within the Google Play Store, but we're expecting the selection to be much larger and more diverse than the Google Play Music's audiobook library.

As AndroidHeadlines notes, it appears that Google's rollout of a new category for audiobooks in the Google Play Store is not global-users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, but they are not appearing for all Android users worldwide. This is what some people might not be able to access audiobooks in the Google Play store at first, but we'll have to wait until Google's announcement, which should hopefully happen in the new few days or weeks, to learn more.

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