Google troll lovers of small flagships before the announcement of Pixel 3

<pre>Google troll lovers of small flagships before the announcement of Pixel 3

. The last few years, users often complain about the growth of the dimensions of the flagships. The diagonal of Android smartphones has grown substantially, so technology lovers have to buy models simpler or put up with inconveniences. Because of this attitude, a lot of rumors about the release of enlarged and reduced devices are born. Google knows about this trend and successfully used it for a joke.

The reason for the joke was the information about the possible release of an enlarged version of the representative of the line called Pixel Ultra. It supposedly should be more than the usual Pixel XL and be the answer to the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch display.

This also includes rumors of a long-awaited reduced flagship that would receive top performance with a smaller display diagonal.

Representatives Google responded to similar leaks with a joke, reports Phone Arena. The company posted a funny image in Instagram profile @madebygoogle. In the signature, the authors noted that they were aware of rumors about the mini-version of Pixel 3. In this regard, they want to know which “mini” is too small.

The background shows four smartphones, three of which are ridiculously small. Nearby is also drawn a “compact phone”, which is kept as a key fob on a keychain.

As Google representatives noted, they will present a slightly more dimensional smartphone on October 9th. Obviously, there is no need to wait for the third version of Pixel 3 – we will most likely be presented with the regular Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Recall that the company uses Instagram not for the first time. Yesterday, Google employees created a special page to remind you about the great cameras from the Pixel lineup. The profile contains 100 photos, which are decorated in the form of a gallery. Admire the high-quality images obtained in this article.

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