Google updated its Android application to save traffic

<pre>Google updated its Android application to save traffic

Google's Datally application to monitor traffic usage has received a meaningful update with an expanded set of features. Thanks to them, the developers managed to improve the efficiency of the application, making the saving process even less noticeable for the user.

Now the function of Emergency Bank appeared in Datally. It allows you to save the necessary amount of traffic for later, so as not to leave you without access to the Internet in an emergency. It is enough to set the desired balance, and the application will automatically limit the consumption of traffic when the specified parameters are reached.

How to limit traffic consumption

Emergency Bank can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, when you are in a strange city in which you are not at all oriented, and are afraid that the remaining Internet traffic will not suffice even for the work of Google Maps.

In addition, the so-called sleep mode appeared in Datally. It allows you to set the hours when you sleep, so that applications and services installed on the smartphone do not spend traffic. The same function is useful to limit the use of your smartphone at night by strangers.

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