Google wants to kill piracy on Android?

<pre>Google wants to kill piracy on Android?

Google has decided to make it harder for fans to download installation apk-files of applications not from Google Play. This is a new structure of installation applications that will consist not of one apk-file, but of tens, the number of which will increase as the functionality of the application grows.

Currently, apk-files of applications can be found on various resources. At the same time, for each resolution, for each API and processor architecture, their installation files are offered. Here's how it looks now with the APKMirror resource example:

Google decided to change this approach. For the first time about the new application packaging system, the company told developers on I / O 2018. The main feature of the innovation should be reduced application size and simplified the process of their publication. This will help Android App Bundle – a new format for publishing applications.

Developers will no longer need to compile applications for different devices. It's enough to just compile the sources, resources and libraries of your application once, transfer them to Google, after which the company using Android App Bundle will provide users with the necessary files.

Here comes the Google Play Dynamic Delivery function, which takes the source files of the application and breaks them into many apk-files. Thus, we get a lot of modules, among which there is one main module (apk-file) with the basic functionality of the application, and other modules are added around this module.

For example, imagine a situation where the user changed the language in the system. Now applications will not need to store languages, Google itself will provide all applications with a separate apk-file, which includes support for the language installed in the system, while the module with the previous language will be removed.

A feature of this architecture is the ability to infinitely add modules to the application. For example, if developers decide to update their application by adding new functionality, they will only need to add a new apk file to the application, without modifying all other application modules and the main apk-file.

Android App Bundle is only supported by Android 5.0 and above, older versions of Android will receive the usual APK-files, but it is worth noting that in the future, developers will refuse to support older versions of Android. And gradually Google Play will completely switch to the new system.

While APKMirror is looking for a solution to this problem, after all, it would be foolish to publish dozens of APK files for one application. Let's see what colleagues can offer in the future. But it is possible that this means the death of piracy on Android.

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