Google wants to “kill” URLs for the sake of user security

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Google engineers intend to arrange another reform on the Internet. The Google Chrome browser already eliminates the HTTP protocol, marking its sites as unsafe and forcing administrators to migrate to HTTPS with the encryption function. Wired reports that by the end of the second half of 2019 the company will come up with a replacement for standard URLs.

The company believes that the way of switching to websites, invented in 1990, is already out of date. With the development of the Internet, URLs have become longer, so users do not always see the website address completely. This allows attackers to lure them to malicious sites, for example, by changing the .com domain to .biz. The victim may not notice the difference and lose important data.

We want to come to the conclusion that every user will be sure of the authenticity of the sites visited. Changes will affect how Google Chrome will display their URLs.

What exactly will be used for site navigation is still unknown. Engineers of the company think about this for several years and have not yet come to a consensus. In 2014, the beta version of Chrome showed only the domain name of the site, and the full URL was opened only after clicking on the address bar. The experiment received the same ratio of positive and negative reviews, so the company froze it.

The engineers admitted that they faced the same difficulties in the popularization of the encrypted HTTPS protocol. As a result, the company received support from developers of other browsers and technology companies.

It is believed that an alternative to the URL will increase not only security, but also the convenience of using the Internet. Users will no longer need to copy long addresses and use shortcut links.

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