Guests will not be able to change your library with HomePod

<pre>Guests will not be able to change your library with HomePod

Since HomePod has access to Siri, this has caused some concern for privacy advocates. For example, in the video review of The Verge, the wife of Nilaya Patel, with the help of a smart column, got access to her husband's latest messages and even was able to answer one of them by sending the text “I quit” to the head.

However, the true music lovers are not concerned with these children's pranks, there are more serious fears. For example, what would happen if a friend came to visit and connected to your HomePod via AirPlay to listen to your favorite music? Is it possible that after that your Apple Music library will be changed and in the section “For you” will not be displayed what you really like?

It turned out that these fears are groundless. Apple works smart people, so the application “Home” provides a setting that does not allow devices with another Apple ID, connecting to your HomePod, somehow affect your musical tastes and preferences.

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