How and why to download Pixel Launcher for Pixel 3 to your smartphone

<pre>How and why to download Pixel Launcher for Pixel 3 to your smartphone

Google didn’t have time to begin official sales of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, as the developers of the XDA team posted on the Web an updated build of Pixel Launcher with the most current set of functional features. Owners of all Nexus, Pixel and Android One smartphones can download and install the shell now to independently evaluate the innovations that await the owners of the new search giant. And by the way, there is something to evaluate.

A distinctive feature of the current Pixel Launcher build is adaptive application icons. Their appearance means that from now on the desktop of your smartphone will not look like a chaotic collection of pictograms of various shapes and colors, matching each other in their style and size. Even if the developer initially envisioned a completely unique form for his brainchild, Pixel Launcher’s software algorithms will bring it to a common denominator with others.

Adaptive icons in Android

It’s quite strange that Google just now decided to unify the exterior of applications that is present in iOS since the release of the original assembly in 2007. Obviously, in its desire to give the creators of software for Android a maximum of freedom, the search giant completely forgot about the comfort of users, to whom an abundance of icon shapes did not deliver anything but a feeling of embarrassment, and made the interface heterogeneous and completely inconsistent.


In addition, it is worth noting a slightly improved multitasking menu. Now each application card contains a modified window with informational summary, Split View, or pinning buttons. Thanks to the latter, while all programs are closed at the same time, the assigned programs will remain in memory and continue to provide “seamless” access to their functionality, almost regardless of the amount of RAM.

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