How Apple will fight the deficit of the iPhone in 2018

<pre>How Apple will fight the deficit of the iPhone in 2018

Apple intends to establish the production of new iPhone models in June, to prevent a shortage of goods at the start of sales. This is reported by DigiTimes with reference to sources close to the company's plans. The interlocutors of the publication note that Apple's concerns are related to the possible lack of TrueDepth cameras, which form the basis of the interface Face ID.

Last year, Apple was forced to delay the iPhone X output for almost two months due to a shortage of TrueDepth cameras. This time in Cupertino, not wanting to repeat their mistakes, decided on the need for early start of production. Thus, Apple expects to release enough smartphones to meet the expected demand.

It is believed that in the fall, Apple will present just three smartphones with the design of the iPhone X. Two models will be equipped with OLED-displays and top-iron, while the third will be equipped with an LCD -matrix and, probably, last year's processor and a smaller amount of RAM. This iPhone will be much cheaper than the 2017 model and, undoubtedly, will provide the company with a significant increase in sales.

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