How can iOS 13 look like

<pre>How can iOS 13 look like

Despite the fact that the first show of iOS 13 will not take place soon, the designers do not sit idly by regularly showing the public new bold ideas and projects, about how the next version of the system can change. This time, the reason for the discussion was a new concept from the user under the pseudonym Jacob Rendina.

The author of the project is confident that iOS 13 will be one of the most ambitious updates for Apple all the time. Let's take a closer look at the concept.

New polysemy mode for iPhone and iPad.

According to the designer, Apple's tablet computers will be able to launch applications from the iPhone in a small window with the ability to drag and drop anywhere on the screen. At the same time, in multi-tasking mode, it will be possible to launch up to three applications simultaneously, even on compact versions of the iPad.

As for the iPhone, there are significant changes here too: Apple's smartphones will be able to work with two applications on the same screen for the first time.

The dark mode for the entire system.

The full-blown dark mode for all elements and applications finally debuts in the operating system.

Updated desktop.

The designer is confident that iOS 13 will be able to create various kinds of widgets and shortcuts right on the desktop with ol, instead of already familiar icons.

Guest mode on the iPad
Sometimes owners of tablets need to transfer the gadget for temporary use. Now this is no longer a problem – thanks to separate accounts for each family member.

This is certainly an ambitious concept, but its implementation is in great doubt. We can only hope that the company will realize at least some of the ideas presented in the foreseeable future.

More details about this project can be found here.

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