How climate change reduces wind power

<pre>How climate change reduces wind power

Our planet is heated – this, alas, is a fait accompli. atmosphere with carbon dioxide, which creates a greenhouse effect that keeps heat off the surface of the earth.

To fight it, countries and energy companies have recently been actively investing in clean sources of wind and solar energy, but, according to the Washington Post, recent research, scientists have found that as a result of climate exert them, wind power is weakening.

As it turned out, wind currents change as global warming takes place. So, during the first study, it became obvious that the wind speed in most of the Northern Hemisphere decreased, and as a result wind farms in the United States, Europe and China would decrease their effectiveness within the next decade.

The second study showed a reduction in wind power generation in China over the past several decades. So, the intensity of winds feeding power plants in Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province, since 1980, has decreased by 15%.

The wind is the result of the fact that the Sun “supplies” different amounts of thermal energy to different parts of our planet. Air flows from areas with excess heat move to where it is colder, creating a wind. Climate change violates the balance in nature, reducing the speed of air flows.

But even despite these negative processes, wind energy will not lose its importance in the near future, remaining one of the most effective and cheap renewable sources. Now, mankind has yet to work harder to reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

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