How do I view the latest SMS messages on Google? Unexpected Android Bug

<pre>How do I view the latest SMS messages on Google? Unexpected Android Bug

Bugs in mobile operating systems are not uncommon. On the eve of the problem faced the owners of Galaxy A3 (2017), which periodically reboots after the update to Android Oreo. Now the owner of Google Pixel told about the problems. For some unknown reason, after entering certain search queries, the smartphone displays text messages. This applies to other models on Android.

The discovery was shared by the user of Google Pixel, reports Android Central. The owner of the device wanted to go to the site of the rock band The 1975. Instead of “” in the Google search box on the standard Pixel Launcher, he accidentally entered an address with two points. The smartphone responded to the query “” very strange – showed the latest text messages directly in the Google application.

The case was not the only one. One of the participants in the discussion spoke about a similar problem. He googled the name of the travel agency and also saw his fresh correspondence.

Bug works at the inquiries of “Vizela viagens”, “Izela viagens” and “Zela viagens”. The problem just arises on Pixel 2, OnePlus 6 and Galaxy S8. Solve it before the official fixation is simple – you need to close the program access to messages.

The bug is discussed in the official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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