How much should I work to buy an iPhone X

<pre>How much should I work to buy an iPhone X

The iPhone X is Apple's most expensive phone in its history. One can argue for how long the price of $ 999 is justified, but this does not cancel one – a large number of people simply can not afford it. How much work it takes to get the opportunity to purchase the iPhone X in different countries, analysts of the Swiss holding UBS decided to find out.

Experts collected statistics on several cities, analyzing the local price for the iPhone X, as well as the average wage. Using simple arithmetic it was possible to find out how many days it takes to earn the Apple flagship. The results were rather curious.

  • Oakland, New Zealand – 8.6 working days
  • Beijing, China – 39.3 working days
  • Dubai, UAE – 13.4 working days
  • Helsinki, Finland – 11 , 8 working days
  • Hong Kong, China – 9.4 working days
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – 36.4 working days
  • Lagos, Nigeria – 133.3 working days [LimaPeru-482workingday
  • London, Great Britain – 11.3 working days
  • Moscow, Russia – 37.3 working days
  • Munich, Germany – 10.1 working days
  • Nairobi, Kenya – 72.2 working days
  • New York, USA – 6.7 working days I
  • Panama, Panama – 18.7 working days
  • Tel Aviv, Israel – 12.7 working days
  • Zurich, Switzerland – 4.7 working days

As noted by UBS analysts, this statistics as can not better show the economic situation and the standard of living in different countries. In this case, the iPhone X was taken only as a representative product. also conducted its own research on the purchasing power of the iPhone X in the largest Russian cities. The results were as follows:

  • St. Petersburg – 41.8 working days
  • Novosibirsk – 58.3 working days
  • Ekaterinburg – 47.4 working days
  • Nizhny Novgorod – 56.1 working days
  • Kazan – 48.2 working days

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