How Samsung calls the Galaxy S10?

<pre>How Samsung calls the Galaxy S10?

Galaxy S10 models will only be shown at the end of winter or early spring 2019. Nevertheless, the web periodically displays messages about these flagships. In addition to the innovations that will be characteristic for these devices, there are other details that can show that the industry has not yet reached the limit of improving mobile devices.

The code name for the Samsung Galaxy S10 is “Beyond”

The jubilee generation of the company's flagships Samsung has already acquired its code name. Just a few months have passed since the public was pleased with smartphones generation Galaxy S9. Already a little left to wait for the debut of the flagship Galaxy Note 9, which will see the light at the end of the coming summer. Nevertheless, as noted in a note by Joshua Swingle, published by, the South Korean technology giant is already working on the Galaxy S10 line, code-named “Beyond”, which can be roughly translated as “beyond” “Outside.”

It should be noted that the code name, which is not the name of the device under which it will be introduced in the digital electronics market, refers not to one model, but to the whole generation of smartphones, which includes both basic versions, and Plus-options. And from this code name it follows that Samsung has big plans for the next generation of its flagship lineup Galaxy S.

As reported in addition, the company informed the suppliers about the existing plans to equip the devices embedded in their displays with fingerprint scanners. It is expected that in order to avoid operational difficulties, Samsung will work with a variety of different component suppliers for its new mobile devices. Each of the suppliers will ensure the fulfillment of orders for different regions.

It is also noted that the smart phone market leader is also considering the possibility of equipping the next generation of its flagship devices with a 3D depth sensor similar to that previously found in one of the most significant the flagships of the second half of last year – Apple's iPhone X. If new items are equipped with this component, then improved emoji can be implemented using the augmented reality, not to mention the obvious improvements in security. Nevertheless, there is also an obstacle to equipping novelties with such a sensor, which reduces the likelihood of equipping them with the flagships in question. After all, its application will increase the price of devices by $ 50 (as a maximum).

As for the design, according to the message under consideration, the Galaxy S10 generation models will visually be similar to the current Galaxy S9 flagships, as well as the flagship models of the past year – Galaxy S8 . It means all the same refined design, assuming that the basis of the design of the shells of new smartphones – glass and metal. In addition, the speech, of course, is about full-screen devices, in which once again find themselves using the user-liked screens Infinity Display with rounded corners.

In the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen may appear a notch

However, considered in mid-April the current year resource recent patent application from Samsung suggests that one noticeable difference between the Galaxy S10 and the previous models will still be. This is a recess at the top of the screen.

 Sketch of the Samsung patented device

For Galaxy S9 and S9 +, it is known that a trend full-screen design is typical. These devices are characterized by a fairly thin frame on top and bottom of their screens. It is interesting to note that there is also a sketch of a really frameless smartphone, the entire front panel of which is occupied only by the screen. This means that the fingerprint scanner of such a phone will be placed under its screen. In addition, the company also has to find a place for sensors and self-cameras.

But, as shown by another sketch, a screen cut-out for accommodating the camera camera and sensors can appear in the Galaxy S10.

 Sketch of Samsung patented device

It should be noted that the flagships of Galaxy S10, most likely, do not debut before the general public before February or even March 2019. Thus, Samsung still has plenty of time to perfect various aspects of the next generation of its flagships. Moreover, it is not excluded that the devices will be shown a little later to make them as good as possible.

In early April 2018 it was already reported that Samsung started work on the Exynos 9820 chipset, which is likely to find itself application in the Galaxy S10. However, it is not excluded that these smartphones will be called Galaxy X. This chipset will refer to the same generation of hardware platforms as the Snapdragon 855, which will become the basis for the “iron” of the brightest flagships of the next year.

In the Telegram chat readers can discuss the alleged technical characteristics of the flagship generation from Samsung in 2019.

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