How the autonomy of smartphones has changed in recent years

<pre>How the autonomy of smartphones has changed in recent years

Over the past eight years, the battery life of the average smartphone has almost doubled, GSMArena journalists estimated. Back in 2010, a rare smartphone could work longer than 40 hours in a row, whereas today this figure has almost reached 80 hours and continues to grow.

The study took into account the working time of smartphones from different price categories – from 200 to 1000 euros. In this case, as practice showed, in most cases, autonomy turned out to be inversely proportional to the price – the higher the last indicator, the lower the first.

The longest operate smartphones from the price category to $ 300. They are due to relatively weak iron and more capacious batteries can work from 83 to 85 hours without recharging. The flagships are worst for which 81 hours far from the outlet was the limit.

If the increase in battery life continues to grow at the same pace, GSMArena predicts, by 2024 the average smartphone will be able to work up to 160 hours. The calculations did not take into account models like the Lenovo P2, which today can last about 150 hours.

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