How to Callisto. Guidelines for the production of crypto currency


Callisto – the ETC fork, which took place in early March. The coin disconnected from the blockade on the block 5 500 000 and received a ticker CLO. And since the project was launched by the developers of Ethereum Classic, it caused a massive interest of the crypto-exchange community. On Sunday the official start of the network took place – it's time to tell about the coin mining.

Callisto distinctive features

Let's start with the key features. As already mentioned above, the developers of Ethereum Classic are responsible for Callisto. The new coin has every chance to get ahead of its older brother. The reason lies in the approach of the creators – they immediately positioned the CLO as a kind of testing ground. As soon as the team has new ideas, they will be immediately introduced into the network. The most interesting thing is that it's not just about proven solutions, but also about innovations.

Another feature of Callisto is the mining of the future called Cold Stacking, which should sooner or later be implemented. The concept conceals an analogue of an ordinary bank deposit. The user keeps the coins of the network on the purse and receives a reward for participating in her life. There will be at least two conditions: the purse should be cold, and the minimum period for storing the crypt is one month.

Callisto purse

To work with coins you need a purse. There are two options: complete with a copy of the whole block from the official website or easy with Github.

Read more about the types of purses here.

Mining Callisto

In the network works classic POW-mining on the algorithm Ethash. This means that AMD and Nvidia video cards will work for production. The minimum amount of memory is 2 GB. If your farm produces an ordinary Etherium, there will be no problems with CLO.

Each found block will bring 600 Callisto coins to the miner. 30 percent fixedly leave the project authors for development and support of the work. The remainder for the farm owners is 420 CLO from one block.

Use Claymore's Dual Ethereum GPU Miner for production. The program is downloaded here. The password from the archive is 2Miners.

The coinage is recommended for 2Miners. The pool has already overcome the mark of 2,000 miners and moves on. The pool hasheet exceeds one-third of the total network hash, which is a steep result.

Where to sell CLO

While the coin does not have a price, the miners get it blind. Callisto should appear in the listings of YoBit, HitBTC and ChangeNOW in the near future. According to the developers, they informed the exchanges on time of the launch of the crypto currency.


  • Callisto created the developers Ethereum Classic – the project is trustworthy;
  • The main feature of the coin will be Cold Staking;
  • The network uses the usual POW-mining on algorithm
  • AMD and Nvidia cards with 2 GB of video memory are suitable for production;
  • Miners receive 420 coins for each block taking into account commissions;
  • To get a CLO on the 2Miners pool.

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