How to crop a background on an Android smartphone? Help Background Eraser

<pre>How to crop a background on an Android smartphone? Help Background Eraser

The summer is over. It was traditionally small, so not everyone was able to go on vacation. If the sea is delayed for a year, and you still want to play friends, Background Eraser will help. The application will crop the background of any photo and save the object, after which the happy face of the “resting person” will be placed on any picture.

Immediately try the Background Eraser in practice. Go to the main menu and upload a picture of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. The background here is monophonic, but it will go for the test.

To begin, we trim off the excess with the help of side frames. You can get rid of the background in two ways – manually and automatically. With the first option set the size of the brush and remove unnecessary parts. If the result is needed quickly, safely choose the machine. In this case, just click on the area that you can erase.

The automatic mode works well. Not all boundaries of the object are eliminated perfectly, but it looks good.

Before saving, the program will show the final version. Here we indicate the intensity of the smoothing of the edges. As a result, we get a separate image without unnecessary details in the gallery.

The coolest thing is that working with the application is intuitive. Perform all the described actions turned out without viewing the tutorial.

Background Eraser perfectly copes with its tasks. The program has more than 10 million downloads with an average rating of 4.5 points. The assessment is fair.

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