How to find out who took my phone? A simple solution

<pre>How to find out who took my phone? A simple solution

Not everyone loves passwords. Someone is uncomfortable each time to enter a certain combination, while others are too lazy to pull a finger to the scanner of prints. You can increase the security level of the device without code. Here, the application “Who took my phone” will help. The program takes a picture on the front-line at each unlocking.

Immediately after the launch, the application tells about the principle of operation. To start it is enough to enable the first option “Monitor unlocking screen” in the main menu. After moving the slider, the program goes into working state. Even if you close it, the recording will not stop.

The application takes a picture with the front camera when the lock is released. If in your absence, the smartphone is touched, you will learn about it. Photos fall into a special submenu

In the settings, if necessary, set the password and adjust the delay of image capture. Snapshots with a delay are lighter, but the speed of work decreases. If it's important to spot a friend for a prank, it's best to remove this figure.

The photos are medium and rather blurry. However, this is enough to find out someone you know.

“Who took my phone” performs the declared function and copes with the pictures. However, if you are really concerned about the security of personal data, it is better to protect your smartphone with a fingerprint or a passcode.

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