How to find your smartphone by clapping

<pre>How to find your smartphone by clapping

Probably everyone is familiar with the possibility of energy-saving light bulbs to turn on and off on cotton. This gesture is quite convenient, since it negates the need for a touch to look for a switch in the dark or touch it with dirty hands. The developers of the studio REDteam have proved that the same cotton can be adapted to search for the unknown smartphone.

First you need to install Clap To Find My Phone on your device and open it to the requested functions. Fortunately, the application does not require more permissions than it requires for stable operation.

Next, adjust the sensitivity of the microphone by moving the slider up or down. Make sure the correctness of the adjustment is possible by pressing the Try key and clapping your hands twice in a row. If the smartphone correctly recognizes your claps, a siren will sound, which is difficult to not hear even in a large apartment.

After all the manipulations, you will be asked to activate the application to work in the background and adjust the desired signal, the number and frequency of the clicks to activate the search function and much other. For users who do not want to view advertisements, there is an opportunity to buy a premium version of Clap To Find My Phone for 75 rubles.

Discuss the search methods lost in the smartphone apartment can be in the official Telegram-chat

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