How to install Google Maps Go

<pre>How to install Google Maps Go

Google invites everyone to test a light version of the Google Maps application – Google Maps Go. The development lacks some of the features available in the original version, but is able to fulfill its main task – to navigate and guide the user along the chosen route.

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Currently, Google Maps Go works in 200 countries and supports more 70 languages ​​and adverbs. In order to install the application, you must go to this link and register as a participant in the preliminary testing program. Only after that you will receive a download link.

“Google Maps Go was designed to work on devices with limited memory and in conditions where there is no stable connection to the network,” the press release reads. “The application is able to determine your location, monitor traffic on the road and public transport and search for millions of places.”

All you need to download is Google Maps Go, a device running Android version 4.1 and newer. At its core, the application is an adapted web version of the cartographic service that will perfectly suit the owners of ultra-budget smartphones with the simplest set of characteristics.

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