How to monitor the level of charge of AirPods on Android-smartphone

<pre>How to monitor the level of charge of AirPods on Android-smartphone

AirPods headphones, which have ruled the ball in the wireless solutions market for more than a year, have been created as an ultimatum accessory for iPhone owners without regard for competitors' devices. Apple's obvious desire to release headphones only “for their own” resulted in the immunity of voice commands from owners of Android-smartphones, as well as the lack of proper synchronization, at least for the transfer of information about the level of charge.

The application AirBattery, found in the directory of Google Play by CNET journalists, is capable of solve one of these problems. No, thanks to him, your Android smartphone will not receive the support of Siri's voice assistant, but it will be able to display information about the status of the AirPods battery in a small window made in iOS style. It is important that the application contains information on the charge level of each of the headphones, as well as the complete cover.


To find out how long the cover works without additional recharging, you need to unlock the smartphone and open the cover of the cover. At this time, the headphones must be placed in a cover. For users of the full version of AirBattery, the function of removing ads is available, as well as the ability to configure notifications. Install the application while only owners of devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and more recent versions can.

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