How to quickly fall asleep with the help of the application. Relax Melodies

<pre>How to quickly fall asleep with the help of the application. Relax Melodies

It's summer outside. Sounds inspiring, but in reality, not everything is so good. Pupils and students do not need to go to school, so they are active at night. Sometimes walks are concentrated in yards, and this prevents sleep. Save from lack of sleep under the power of Relax Melodies. The application loses relaxing music for every taste and speeds up the advent of dreams.

After the program is launched, developers immediately recommend turning on the sound and introducing the possibilities of Relax Melodies. According to the authors, their offspring allows you to relax with the help of sounds, add a “piece of nature”, come up with your own melody and, as a result, dive into a dream.

The meaning is simple. We take a few melodies and sounds, superimpose them on each other and get the desired composition for sleep. In the role of the base we take “Night”, which simulates the dark time of the day in some forest. To it we add animals – for example, a frog, a bird or a cat.

If animals are not interested, experiment with sounds from the category “Baby”. Excellent relaxes the “Lullaby Brahms”, especially in conjunction with a cat purr.

The volume of each individual sound is adjusted in the settings. Also set the timer so that the smartphone does not work all night long. Another application can remind you of a dream. Time is also chosen in the settings.

Download is free, but you can spend money inside the program. We buy non-standard sounds for them – gulls, whales, owls and wolves.

Relax Melodies – a good option to relax before going to bed and quickly fall asleep. The application adjusts to the correct mode and allows you to fall asleep with a smile.

Appendix: Relax Melodies Developer: Ipnos Software Category: Health & Fitness Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             0 people

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