How to quickly share a password from Wi-Fi on Android

<pre>How to quickly share a password from Wi-Fi on Android

Due to the fact that today almost everyone is trying to protect their Wi-Fi networks from unauthorized connections, passwords for them become a truly valuable commodity. And if, while visiting, you can easily ask the owner to dictate the cherished character set, then in hotels where access to wireless Internet is often asked to pay for the number of devices, there is nothing else but to go to the trick.

Wifi QR application Code Creator will create a unique QR-code, scanned which your neighbors by number will be able to connect to the known only your smartphone network. To do this, just open the list of connections, find the right one and click on it to generate a QR-code. The only restriction is the need to get root-rights for the application.

It's interesting that, since recently, the ability to share a Wi-Fi connection is available to all iOS 11 users by default. There, this function is implemented even easier and does not require unnecessary manipulation such as jailbreaking . All you need to do is activate Bluetooth and bring two devices to each other, then click the “Share Wi-Fi” button on the screen of the device connected to the wireless network.

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