How to set up an automatic change of dark and light themes on Android

<pre>How to set up an automatic change of dark and light themes on Android

The main disadvantage of the so-called night theme, which appeared in Android with the release of version 8.1 and changing the interface color to dark, is the inability to work in automatic mode. Its activation occurs only when the background image of the desktop changes and depends on its hue. With the Smart Wallpaper application, all this will remain in the past.

Smart Wallpaper provides a dynamic change of wallpaper on the desktop, depending on many factors, from the time of day and ending with connecting to certain Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to the application you can set light images for use in the daytime, and dark ones in the evening, which in turn activates automatic theme change.

Install the Smart Wallpaper application on your device. It is distributed completely free of charge via Google Play, however it is compatible only with Android 8.1 (in fact, the application can be installed on a device with earlier versions of the OS, but because of the absence of a dark theme it will not be so functional).

Launch Smart Wallpaper and, following the on-screen instructions, allow the application to access files on your device. Then open the “Part of the day” section, click on “+” and configure the wallpaper change time, setting a light image for the light time of day, and the dark one for the dark one. You can also change wallpaper depending on weather conditions, days of the week or change images every few hours.

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