How to style a photo in a few touches? Answer Onetap Glitch

<pre>How to style a photo in a few touches? Answer Onetap Glitch

Sotsseti still in the honor, so the issue of processing photos does not lose relevance. Add a snapshot of the highlight will help Onetap Glitch. The application will impose a so-called glitch effect and surprise subscribers.

A picture with a glitch effect resembles an image on an old monitor. Vertical synchronization and mixing is abnormal, so the objects in the photo split and “move out”. A special atmosphere is added by cold tones. In addition, interference is often blue, pink or red. It looks cool.

The main menu immediately prompts authors in social networks and select an image. Images are created using a camera or choose from a gallery.

After selecting a photo, let's define with the filter. They differ in key colors and stripes around the edges.

If necessary, adjust the image parameters manually. At the end, set the brightness and contrast.

When everything suits, save the image to the gallery. The picture is ready to be in Instagram.

Some filters are paid – you can pay for them. If there is no desire to spend money, we limit ourselves to available options.

Onetap Glitch is a good option for glitch style enthusiasts. The application will add novelty to the ribbon of photos and new emotions.

Appendix: Onetap Glitch Developer: magic seal Category: Art & Design Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             0 people

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