How to take screenshots on a Mac? Complete Guide

<pre>How to take screenshots on a Mac? Complete Guide

Not everyone knows, but the operating system macOS provides several ways to create screenshots. Most users prefer third-party services, despite the fact that pre-installed tools offer the same broad opportunities. Today, we'll show you how to realize the full potential of embedded solutions.

The first way is using the “Screenshot”

This application can be found using Spotlight, or in the Programs folder – Utilities.

There are four options available: [19659005] Selected area

  • Window
  • Screen
  • Delayed screen
  • After selecting the desired option, a window or selection area appears. After creating a screenshot, select the file format and the location for saving.

    In addition, in the settings of this tool, you can enable the display of the cursor in the screenshot.

    The second way is using the keyboard shortcuts

    How to take a screenshot of the entire screen

    To do this, use the combination: Command + Shift + 3

    After this action, we hear an audio alert, and the screenshot will be saved directly on the desktop.

    How to take a snapshot of the screen area

    This time the combination will be: Command + Shift + 4

    The cursor changes to “cross”, allowing you to select the necessary fragments on the screen. You can change the selection mode – if you hold down the Alt key, while the Alt key is pressed, the cursor from the center will expand in all directions.

    How to take a snapshot of a particular window

    Still use the Command + Shift + 4 combination, after the cursor appears, click on the spacebar. A “camera” icon will appear, select the required window. The side effect is a beautiful shadow from the application window on the screenshot itself.

    How to save a picture only on the clipboard

    To do this, add the Control key to the existing combinations. For example, Command + Shift + Control + 3

    How to take a picture of the Touch Bar

    The combination will be used here: Command + Shift + 6

    In addition, you can customize the Control Strip area by adding a “Screenshot” for quick access.

    How to change the location of the screenshots

    All the pictures taken with hot keys are saved directly to the desktop. However, we can always change the save location:

    • Select the folder where the future screenshots will be stored
    • Run the “Terminal”
    • In the command window, type: defaults write location
    • transfer our folder to the terminal window
    • Confirm the command. Enter another command: killall SystemUIServer
    • Immediately after this, the system service will restart. All is ready.

    Thus, all new pictures will be saved to the selected folder.

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