How to tame the picture-in-picture feature on the iPad

<pre>How to tame the picture-in-picture feature on the iPad

The ability to view the video in a separate window while performing other tasks on the iPad is a very useful thing that we enjoy with pleasure. But sometimes, when we exit the browser by pressing the Home button and the video continues to play in a small window, it can be annoying.

If you did not know, you can easily turn this thing off. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Multitask and Dock. Here we see a few switches, but we need to focus on what is called “Continuous video”.

After you turn off this switch, the picture-in-picture function does not bother you anymore. But something tells us that you still do not want to turn it off. Although if you like watching videos with all sorts of obscenities and do not want to accidentally get caught when the video continues to show even after you exit the browser, then you now know what to do.

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