How will the prices on the iPhone 2019?

<pre>How will the prices on the iPhone 2019?

Prices for the iPhone 2019 model year may be lower than for devices of the current generation, follows from the materials of the DigiTimes publication report, referring to sources in the supply chain. The change in pricing policy in relation to Apple branded smartphones may occur due to the manufacturer’s unpreparedness to equip future devices with 5G technology support, which has all the chances to become a new trend in the mobile electronics market next year.

If Apple prefers to delay the introduction The new communication standard until 2020, which is more likely, it will be extremely difficult for it to continue to justify such high prices for branded smartphones, while maintaining a high level of sales, state the source DigiTimes. According to industry sources, the most logical way out of the situation would be a temporary decline in retail prices below the existing level in order to maintain stable demand.

Will the iPhone become cheaper next year

“Although most telecom operators are unlikely to start commercial operation of networks of the fifth generations until 2020, some manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, will launch the release of smartphones with 5G support in 2019. For this reason, it’s absolutely pointless for Apple to continue to produce 4G smartphones with an equally high price, while competitors will already offer 5G phones, but at lower prices, ”the DigiTimes interlocutors argue.

However, Apple hasn’t yet knows whether to equip the iPhone 2019 model year with 5G support. In case the company considers that it can afford such a step, one should not exclude an even greater increase in prices for smartphones. Sources from the supply chain, with whom the DigiTimes journalists talked, believe that mastering the networks of the fifth generation will leave Apple a pretty penny and the vendor will have no choice but to raise the price to the level of 1299 dollars. Whether in this case we are talking about the standard model with a 5.8-inch screen or a top-end one with a 6.5-inch, is unknown.

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