How will the “special security blanket” from Volvo

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The other day Volvo introduced a standalone electric concept car called 360c, which included a “special safety blanket” (similar to belts and airbags) in case you sleep in a horizontal position in the car.

This a blanket is an attempt to solve one of the unpleasant problems faced by engineers of self-managed cars: how to ensure the safety of passengers on vehicles of the fifth level (full autonomy without permission for driver control) that cn yat. Currently, drivers are protected by three-point seat belts and airbags. But in the reclining position, these techniques will not work, because the seat belts keep you in the shoulder and hips, where the human body absorbs the shock best.

How to protect the recumbent driver?

If you lie down, explains Lotta Jacobsson, senior technical expert Volvo, the geometry will change. The blanket will include restraints that will be tightened around your shoulders and hip areas in the event of a collision or hard braking. At first glance, everything is simple.

Difficulties begin when someone starts to sleep on his side. What happens if the blanket gets tangled or falls off the bed? What if it unintentionally squeezes another part of the body, such as the neck? These questions have yet to be worked out by Volvo engineers.

After all, airbags and belts also do not always work as expected.

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