HTC U12 Plus: a bright future too far?

<pre>HTC U12 Plus: a bright future too far?

HTC company, to my deepest regret, began to disappoint. HTC U11 was not so trendy, but offered a good camera and a new look at the design. It had an interesting and original coating of the case, and the Fluid design itself was extremely interesting. HTC U11 is a really good device. And it was because of U11 there was a feeling that U12 + would be an interesting gadget, but it's not like that.

Earlier my colleague Oleg published images and specs of the device. U12 is rather a minor refinement of U11. It uses the same Fluid design, the camera has become double and very steeply inscribed in the case – there are absolutely no rear issues, it's excellent.

However, the front panel is a complete failure. First, the framework from above and from below – they are frankly large. Plus, the absence of rounded corners of the display rushes into the eyes. Why does not the company follow the market?

U12 should have been at least as follows:

With rounded edges, the front panel looks neat, stylish and modern even against the background of devices with bangs. However, there is already no question of bangs – too high requirements.

Now a few words about the shell. Previously, the company produced stunning shells. Sense 4, Sense 4.5 and Sense 5 were modern and stylish. After that, the company ceased to make major changes or went somewhere else.

A few words about the thickness of the hull. In the specifications it is about 9.7 mm in the thickest part and 8.7 mm in the thinnest. The case decreases in thickness closer to the edges, similar to the HTC One M8. The thickness of the M8 is 9.3 mm. Thus, HTC U12 + is an extremely thick gadget. Plus, the battery here at this thickness and a diagonal of 6 inches is only 3500 mAh.

A total? U12 + at least looks out-of-date. Will consumers want to buy this device for 700-900 dollars? I doubt it.

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