Huawei is busy developing an alternative to the Android OS

<pre>Huawei is busy developing an alternative to the Android OS

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is working on an alternative to the Android OS. This is reported by the Chinese business newspaper South China Morning Post, citing sources familiar with the situation. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the development of a new platform is not a priority direction of the company's development and is conducted just in case.

Despite the fact that the combined share of Android and iOS in the world market is 99.9%, there is every reason to believe that the proprietary operating system from Huawei will be able to compete with industry leaders. Many years of EMUI software development and a loyal audience of users around the world can easily become the main components of the success of the future platform.

“[Разработка своей ОС] is primarily a matter of our abilities and needs,” says Zhao Ming, president of the Honor sub-brand. “There is no doubt that Huawei is capable of this, but I think that this is simply not necessary, because we are working closely with Google.”

The idea of ​​developing its own OS was not spontaneous. The project, launched in 2012, stems from the possibility of imposing sanctions on Huawei by the US government because of the supply of branded equipment to Iran. However, Huawei's top management is optimistic about the future, doubting that the manufacturer will be forced out of the market by a ban on interaction with the Android OS.

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