Huawei is preparing to release its own smartphone on the blockroom

<pre>Huawei is preparing to release its own smartphone on the blockroom

Chinese mobile electronics maker Huawei is considering the release of a smartphone with support for applications based on blocking technology. The brand is already negotiating the licensing of the operating system Sirin OS, compatible with the corresponding software. This is reported by Bloomberg referring to sources close to the vendor's plans.

The implementation of the idea requires the manufacturer to abandon the use of the Android OS, which is not adequately adapted to work with applications on the blockroom. Instead, the basis for the future smartphone should lie Sirin OS, the creators of which confirmed the fact of negotiations with Huawei. Despite the positive outcome of the two meetings, the company for some reason has not yet concluded a license agreement.

At the moment it is known that the startup Sirin Labs, the developer of Sirin OS, is working on creating its own smartphone on the blockbuster. The future novelty will work on the basis of a proprietary operating system and will provide the user with the option of cold storage of several popular crypto-currencies. About the timing of the release of the novelty, whose price will be around $ 1000, the manufacturer does not report.

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