Huawei wants to get around Samsung in 2019. How will the race in the top three

<pre>Huawei wants to get around Samsung in 2019. How will the race in the top three

The main race in the smartphone market is currently taking place between three companies: Samsung, Huawei and Apple. It was in this order that they recently settled down in terms of world sales. Huawei took the second place from Apple. Today, it expects to take Samsung's place by the end of 2019.

According to Bloomberg, the head of Huawei's custom direction, Richard Yu, announced the company's intention to sell more devices by the fourth quarter of 2019. Today it means to bypass the sales company Samsung. Huawei recently managed to bypass Apple.

Huawei expects to capture 20 percent of the market, and this is a very bold expectation. Today the company was able to take 15 percent according to Counterpoint Research. 20 percent now from Samsung and the South Korean giant has been going for a long time. But the Chinese company has all chances. In addition, in 2016, Yu announced plans to bypass Apple two years later, and it happened.

But let's not forget that Samsung and Apple know their business well too. In autumn, the two companies will begin selling their new flagship devices. If Apple does not lose with the new iPhone, there is a high probability that the company will throw Huawei back to the third line. Let's see what Huawei has prepared for 2019.

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