In a secret laboratory, Google wants to force AI to grow food

<pre>In a secret laboratory, Google wants to force AI to grow food

Alphabet X (and sometime Google X), the secret laboratory of the parent company Google, is the place behind the closed door in which the most incredible ideas were born and continue to be born – Google Glass, Project Loon and others. Astro Teller, chapter X, shared that they are now exploring how AI could help in the production of food. Teller refused to give concrete examples, noting that the X team had not yet decided on the approach, but hinted that it would be considered how machine learning can be combined with the achievements in the field of UAV and robotics for the development of agriculture.

it must meet three criteria: it must potentially solve a problem that affects millions or billions of people; it must include bold science fiction technology; there must be at least a hope that it will be realized in 5-10 years.

Artificial intelligence in agriculture fits perfectly into this framework. According to the UN, between 20 and 40 percent of the world's crop yields perish annually because of pests and diseases, despite the use of millions of tons of pesticides, so the search for more productive and sustainable methods of farming will benefit billions of people. Artificial intelligence is, by the way, a bold and powerful technology, and the speed with which it develops means that 5-10 years for the project can be quite enough.

Teller noted that agriculture is an extremely complex area, so X refers to it very seriously. Artificial intelligence could be used to make decisions about harvesting or irrigation. It would also be more convenient to farm in an environment in which climate change complicates the prediction of weather conditions, if you enlist the support of AI. He would also suggest how pests and other factors can affect food production.

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