In Apple Music will appear a series from the creator of “La Lenda”

<pre>In Apple Music will appear a series from the creator of

Apple received exclusive rights to a new series of Oscar-winning director Damien Shazell, who worked on such films as “Obsession” and “La Lounge.” It is reported by the publication Variety.

Apparently, Apple decided to seriously compete with online services for viewing video content like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. The corresponding department in the company was founded in the summer of 2017. Most likely, Apple wants to turn Apple Music into a service not only with music, but also with movies and serials.

The details of the plot of the new Shazella series are not yet revealed. It's only known that Damien will be the only writer and producer of all the series of the first season.

Apple has already begun to expand the content range available to Apple Music subscribers. Earlier in 2017, the company launched several TV shows, including “Karpul-karaoke” and Planet of the Apps. In the near future, the release of a series of serials with the participation of Hollywood stars of the first magnitude is expected. Their participation in the projects has already been confirmed by Dr. Dre, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg.

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