In Germany, opened the world's first water slide with a virtual reality

<pre>In Germany, opened the world's first water slide with a virtual reality

In the water park Galaxy Erding in Germany, the attraction VRSlide, claiming the title of “the world's first water slide with virtual reality,” was opened. The VRSlide system includes a fully waterproof headset, capable of withstanding immersion in water for several meters. It is assembled on the basis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, with the virtual reality software installed on it, which uses the Unity game engine.

The device is equipped with wireless charging, NFC and a through camera. To accurately determine the position of the user in space, special ultrasonic sensors have been developed that work in conjunction with an accelerometer.

The creator of VRSlide, Ballast, sees this attraction as the first step to a larger project of a virtual reality entertainment system that will give more opportunities than just a slide. According to the idea, we are talking about a large aquarium in which users could freely swim, while being in a virtual reality that will reproduce different spaces.  

For example, now the company is preparing a virtual environment that will give users the opportunity to plunge into the world of marine life – to see how swarms of dolphins or even sharks swim by. In the new version will be added a tactile measurement that will allow you to feel the vibration on the skin.

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