In Norway, one of the tallest wooden towers in the world is being built

<pre>In Norway, one of the tallest wooden towers in the world is being built

The wooden tower, called Mjøstårnet, which is now being built in Norway, is destined to become a record holder: the total area of ​​residential premises located on 18 floors will be 11300 square meters. meters, and height – 81 meters. At the time of the completion of the construction, it will for some time be a world record holder in height, but only until the construction of the Venetian tower that “rises” 3 meters higher is completed.

Mjøstårnet does not have a traditional concrete core typical of conventional high-rise buildings. Its place will be occupied by so-called beams of glued beams. Authors of the project Voll Arrkitekter Moelven, Limtre's and Sweco guarantee high fire resistance of the building, where a sprinkler system will be installed, which eliminates any ignition literally in the bud.

 Wooden Tower

Another problem is resistance to strong winds. The fact is that at a large height of the building it is too light, and in width – only 16 meters. The problem will be solved with the help of concrete slabs, which will be laid out on the seven upper floors. This will reduce the amplitude of the swing to 14 cm and will save the inhabitants of the upper floors from seasickness.

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