In the firmware of Nokia, LG and Sony smartphones found critical vulnerabilities

<pre>In the firmware of Nokia, LG and Sony smartphones found critical vulnerabilities

Kryptowire researchers at the conference on computer security Def Con presented a list of 47 vulnerabilities contained in a total of firmware and pre-installed applications of 25 smartphone models, according to the company's website. The detected gaps have different degrees of danger – from low to critical.

Since these vulnerabilities are most often found in the firmware of smartphones from China, a special surprise is the presence in the list of Kryptowire devices from the manufacturers of the first echelon. Among them, besides the ZTE, Blu, Leagoo, Doogee and Coolpad solutions, are LG G6, Sony Xperia L1, Nokia 6, Essential and Asus ZenFone 3 Max.

Why the smartphone reboots

Some low-level vulnerabilities , do not pose a threat to the user and his data. For the most part, they cause only malfunctions in the operation of the apparatus, causing spontaneous reboots. But there are also more dangerous gaps that allow malicious users to run malicious code on the device, manipulate messages and track the victim's actions.

According to the general director of Kryptowire, Angelos Stavrou, all the researches conducted by specialists manually do not allow creating a clear impression about the spread of vulnerabilities. It is possible that the same gaps are hidden in the firmware and other devices from famous manufacturers, endangering millions of users around the world.

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