In the US, a child was born from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years

<pre>In the US, a child was born from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years

In Tennessee, in the family of Tina and Benjamin Gibson, a girl named Emma was born on November 25, 2017 and Now, a month later, the doctors state that the baby is healthy and developing normally.The unique Emma is made by the fact that she was born from an embryo that was freezing longer than the rest in human history – 24 years.

In 1992, anonymous donors surrendered embryo for storage and he, together with dozens of others, was frozen.As they were requested, they were thawed and put into play, for example, the previous spill stings in the refrigerator for 20 years. Gibsons could not become parents in a natural way due to serious diseases, and they, frankly, do not care about the record. They're just glad her child, a daughter, Emma. But the scientific world rejoices.

24 years, a quarter of a century, so long a period that absolutely new technologies can appear in the world, including ways to cure previously incurable diseases. The success of Emma shows – if today a particular person is sick, he can freeze his genetic material, wait for better times, heal and become the parent of the child. And, conversely, a healthy person can make a stock of healthy embryos just in case, if there are some risks to lose health.

An example of the prolonged freezing of Emma's embryo is just one in a series of many scientific and medical miracles related to the reproduction of humanity that have appeared in recent years. Neither illness, nor disability, nor congenital ailments are no longer an insurmountable obstacle to getting children. I wonder what will be this new, promising world?

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