Indonesian company wants to replace plastic packaging from edible algae

<pre>Indonesian company wants to replace plastic packaging from edible algae

Evoware has put forward an initiative that can solve at once many problems of the state of Indonesia. This is the second largest polluter of the World Ocean by plastic – 90% of all packaging material Indonesians are dumping into the sea. And here are the largest seaweed farms in the world, but these products are not in demand so that farmers can get out of poverty.

Evoware suggests not to try to immediately tackle global problems and give up plastic. Instead, they developed two types of seaweed-based materials – primitive, cheap, akin to disposable packaging for fast food. Of such a substance, do not make a chair or body for a computer, but it will easily replace the most common form of plastic: packaging.

The first material is intended for use with non-food products, and its main property is that it is completely biodegradable. This is a bonus to the manufacturer, who does not need to think about what will happen with the packing of his goods after purchase. And the second material, on the contrary, is edible. You can bite off a sandwich without unfolding the packaging, the tea bag itself will dissolve in boiling water, it will be enough to pack the noodles in a saucepan to get a portion of vitamins and minerals from the seafood. And at the same time the packaging has a neutral taste “not like that of algae”.

In Indonesia, there are more than 250 million people who need a lot of food and as much packaging for it – algae farms will work at a rapid pace and will be enriched. A portion of food will become cheaper, or the buyer will receive more calories for the same money, eating and packaging. Waste volumes will drop dramatically, the environmental burden will decrease, conditions for people's lives will improve, and even more algae will be grown. And then – export to the immense Asian market and a very real article of national exports.

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