Infinity Ops: Shooter of the Future

<pre>Infinity Ops: Shooter of the Future

There are a lot of shooters on Google Play, but good shooters can be counted on the fingers. Infinity Ops: The shooter of the future really impressed, there are amazing graphics, interesting gameplay with real players, and a cool system for pumping.

The game has three main currencies: boxes, credits and gold, the last currency can be bought only for real money. You can also change the class: recruit, tank, medic and killer. Initially, only the first class is available, and the purchase of the last three will cost 950 gold coins. Also in the game there are drones: Salve, Bastion, Apache and Cobra. Each of the drones is valued at 550 gold coins. There are in the game, in addition to weapons, also gadgets: binoculars, a saw and a knife.

By choice, weapons are rich enough. Some weapons can be bought for loans, but most are only available with gold. Some premium weapons can fall out of the boxes. You can also change the skins of the weapon. This luxury is available only to the owners of gold. Interestingly, the fact that for each class is available customization. That is, buying a drone from a recruit will not allow you to play with this drone for a medic or killer.

There are a lot of regimes in the game: team battle, a deadly battle (every man for himself), hardcore (increases weapon damage), duel, grenade launcher battle and its own game. The latter mode allows you to create your own room for playing with your friends. In the game, players after death are reborn in 15 seconds, and the gameplay with enough players on the map is quite active – you will not be bored. Although, of course, there are not enough players on large maps.

Now about the chart: it's really very good here, and most players will pay attention to Infinity Ops just because of it. In general, the game is interesting, but there are too many in-game purchases here.

Appendix: Infinity Ops: Shooter of the Future Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited Category: Action Version: 1.1.5 Price: Free Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             225 people

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