Inside the terrestrial hurricanes discovered powerful sources of antimatter

<pre>Inside the terrestrial hurricanes discovered powerful sources of antimatter

In 2015, the aircraft of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States flew through the hurricane Patricia, the strongest in the history of observations. On board was a detector for measuring X-rays and gamma-flares, which, in addition to them, fixed something new. Scientists have called it the “reverse positron beam”, and it consists of antimatter generated by the hurricane.

Since 1994, space-based gamma-ray detectors placed in orbit have often recorded gamma-flashes at the bottom, on our planet. Comparing the data with the weather conditions, they were identified by a source – large tropical cyclones. The theory was brought to the conclusion that lightning-induced strong electric fields accelerate electrons to near-light speed, and they begin bombarding the surrounding matter. This causes atoms to separate and generates many relativistic electrons, so the process quickly scales.

Emissions of energy give rise to the most powerful gamma radiation, which detectors fix in the form of local flares. However, this phenomenon has a side effect, when the nucleus of an atom is separated, an electron is created and its antiparticle double is a positron. And that's just a clear beam of such positrons and fixed instruments on board an aircraft flying through the “Patricia”. It was directed exactly in the opposite direction from the gamma-flash – down to the surface of the planet.

The theory received practical confirmation, before scientists opened a new direction for research. For the time that has passed since the epochal flight, it has been possible to establish that any strong thunderstorm can generate antimatter, and the region of beam origin can be at an altitude of only 2-3 km. Since it is directed to the surface of the earth, it is quite possible to catch it at an altitude of 1.5 km, setting the equipment on a suitable hill. It's easier and safer than flying through hurricanes, and therefore hunting for antimatter can soon begin around the world.

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