iOS 12.1.1 will expand the capabilities of Haptic Touch in the iPhone XR

<pre>iOS 12.1.1 will expand the capabilities of Haptic Touch in the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR smartphone, which went on sale on October 26, is not known to have 3D Touch technology support. Instead, the “affordable” flagship Apple received its counterpart – Haptic Touch. And Apple, apparently, intends to take up the development of this function. According to the publication 9to5Mac, the public version of iOS 12.1.1, which will be released soon, will provide more functionality for the Haptic Touch.

According to users, the first innovations related to Haptic Touch appeared in the second beta version of iOS 12.1.1 . For example, now notifications on the lock screen can be “unfolded” with one tap and thus view them completely. Previously, this feature was available through the swipe to the left and the “View” button. Now, however, a long press is used for these purposes.

The Haptic Touch technology differs from 3D Touch in that instead of a strong press, continuous press is used. To get a tactile response, as before, the Taptic Engine vibration motor is used. One of the main disadvantages of the technology is that not all 3D Touch functions will be available in this way. For example, you cannot access application options from the desktop. In addition, Haptic Touch does not work on the entire surface of the screen, but only on a small part of it.

Recall that the minor update iOS 12.1.1 has been tested by users since the end of October. The release of the update is scheduled for late November – early December. The new version will be aimed at eliminating errors and improving the optimization of all compatible devices.

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