iPhone X for $ 1000 or Honor 7X for $ 200?

<pre>iPhone X for $ 1000 or Honor 7X for $ 200?

Author of phonearena articles John Velasco decided to switch from iPhone X to Honor 7X. After some time using Honor 7X, John shared his experience of operating the device and compared it to the iPhone X. What came of it? Now we find out.

He used the iPhone X since November of the year. Of the features, John singled out the camera, performance, appearance. After a while he wondered how great the difference between the device is for $ 1000 and a cheap Chinese device for $ 200.


I'm impressed that a $ 200 smartphone can look and feel so good.

The first thing that can be distinguished is the design. Indeed, one can not disagree with John, smartphones of the budget price segment sometimes surprise with the approach to design and the sense of use. If you take, for example, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, the device is felt in the hand like Google Pixel. Especially if you put a case on it.

It's time that flagship design can be found in budget devices. A good example is also the Honor 10 or P20 Lite with a cutout in the display and a glass case.


In the case of the screen, the situation is not so obvious. The screen is the most expensive part of the smartphone. You can save on the quality of the case materials, on software development, you can save on fast memory, but when it comes to the screen, the savings on it are visible to the naked eye, since the first thing the user interacts with the screen.

And here the difference between the flagships and devices are cheaper. I managed to use some time for both devices, and, frankly speaking, the display in the iPhone X can be estimated at 10 points out of 10, while the Honor 7X I would give 6 points. Yes, the device has a high definition due to the resolution of FHD +, but the color fading is faded, the picture is grayish.

The Honor 7X screen, in my opinion, is rather weak and certainly will not cause users to abandon the iPhone X. In the same Redmi 5 Plus, in my opinion, the screen is juicier, brighter and more interesting. Although, of course, this is all subjective.


Here everything is clear – Honor 7X is not for games, so we would not recommend it to game fans. However, with the daily tasks of the 7X is doing well, and John is also noted. But, of course, it all depends on the device itself. You can buy for $ 200 Redmi 5 Plus, and it will cope with games better than Kirin 659 due to a more productive graphics chip.


Here, too, everything is clear. The Honor 7X is inferior to the quality of pictures and video in the iPhone X. And the cameras in budget devices are probably the weakest side, and there are exceptions, for example, the Mi A1 with Google Camera demonstrates pretty good results.


Owning Honor 7X, you will not be infringed in anything. Yes, the camera, performance, screen quality, but the gap with each day is reduced. It is much more profitable to buy Honor 7X and with it another $ 200 Nintendo Switch and DJI Spark drone for $ 500, rather than an expensive flagship whose cost is incommensurable with the difference in quality.

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