IPhone X sensors can be used not only for animoji

<pre>IPhone X sensors can be used not only for animoji

The developer was able to record a high-quality facial animation and compare it with the computer's body of the character with the help of iPhone X. The corresponding video was posted by one of the employees of Kite & Lighting on YouTube.

The game creator used the TrueDepth camera sensors in the iPhone X, the same animoji, compared them with their software and thus found a budget way to record the exact animation of your face. Then he gave the animation to the game character.

Usually, gaming studios (as well as those who produce movies) use such expensive equipment and a whole team of specialists for such expensive equipment, it only needed the participation of the iPhone X and the software. According to the developer, his studio wants with the help of Apple's smartphone to simplify the creation of animation for the new game Bebylon: Battle Royale.

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