IRL Glasses block advertisements in real life

<pre>IRL Glasses block advertisements in real life

While some dream of the world of augmented reality, where a person with special glasses can be shown advertising information about any object, others do not spare the energy to hide from this advertisement. In the literal and figurative sense, the IRL Glasses startup offers you a personal means of blocking images on screens in the real world if something intrusive is shown there.

The technology is relatively simple. The camera integrated into the glasses recognizes the picture on the street screen in the field of view, the system checks it for compliance with certain criteria and issues a command to turn on horizontal polarization. A person with glasses still sees the world around, but with a screen with advertising – a black or dim spot. Everything happens in a passive mode, although the device itself consumes energy when working.

The lack of technology in a limited list of displays that can be blocked in this way. For example, any LCD TV, but only some LCD screens for computers. And most models of LED displays, but not OLED or AMOLED screens. This is a serious disadvantage, start-up authors acknowledge, as advertising screens are increasingly made on the basis of OLED-displays. They hope that the startup will raise enough funds to attract specialists to solve this problem.

The cost of a pair of IRL Glasses in the current beta version is $ 49. They will go on sale probably by April 2019.

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