Japanese web-company intends to pay salaries to its employees in bitcoins

<pre>Japanese web-company intends to pay salaries to its employees in bitcoins
Today, perhaps, only the most ignorant in modern technologies do not talk about the crypto currency. Despite all the gloomy forecasts and unconcealed skepticism, it is gradually “on the wing”, as evidenced by the rapid growth of the bitcoin rate, approaching $ 20,000. The growing interest of large companies in the crypto currency is an obvious fact today. Japanese web hosting company GMO Internet has just offered to pay part of the salary to its employees in bitcoins. Payouts will look like this: the minimum amount is 10,000 yen (about $ 88), and the maximum is 100,000 yen (881 dollars). So, for example, if a worker receives a piece of a patch in yen, the remainder in bitcoins at the exchange rate of GMO Coins (opened in May this year), and registered on the exchange will receive their hard-earned bitcoins simultaneously with the yen, that is, in payday. In the near future, GMO Internet plans to build a 10 billion yen mining farm in Scandinavia. According to some analysts, the bitcoin rate may jump up to a sky-high $ 400,000, so those who risk a salary today in the crypto currency will probably be in the big future in the future. Although the reverse is also possible exactly Source link