LG G7: when something went wrong

<pre>LG G7: when something went wrong

LG can already present G7 and G7 Plus in April. We wrote about this. We also wrote that the cost of the device will be about 700 euros. At the same time, the Galaxy S9 is priced at $ 720 in the US

The problem is that LG as a brand is rather weak in the field of smartphone building. At least now things are not going well with the company.

Not so long ago there were rumors that the company canceled development of G7 and started it from scratch. In this, of course, little is believed, because it is impossible so quickly to develop a new device. But there is no smoke without fire. Most likely, the company had the final prototype, but seeing the trend with the “bangs”, the Koreans apparently decided to play in advance.

G7 looks like usual. “Fringe” already now no one to surprise, and the back panel is no different from those in the earlier apparatus of the company. So what's so surprising? One would think that at a price. But no. 700 euros, and it's really funny.

At the same time, the G6 cost 80 euro less. The elder brother in the person of G7 Plus will be valued at 760 euros. Indeed, it is unclear what the company is guided by. In the second quarter of 2017, operating losses of LG mobile division amounted to 117.27 million dollars. The reason for this is the poor sales of LG G6.

If the company has a problem with marketing and its smartphones do not want to buy, it's logical that they should be attracted at a price. LG does not understand this. It's a pity. Probably, the company is waiting for the fate of HTC.

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