Lightning! Google forever closes Google+ social network due to massive data breaches

<pre>Lightning! Google forever closes Google+ social network due to massive data breaches

Google has just announced that it is closing the social network Google+. She was not widely popular, but the reason is not only that. The network received information according to which Google in March of this year hid a bug on Google+ from its users, thanks to which data of about 500 thousand users of the social network became available to everyone. Google has many APIs for developers. Users may allow developers to view personal information using the API, or they may not allow it. The bug was that programmers could get the personal data of friends of a user who has a profile, even if friends had closed accounts.

The event happened in March of this year, and it became known only now through The Wall Street Journal. According to the resource, Sundar Pichai – the head of Google – was aware of the desire not to disclose information about the bug and probably supported such a decision. The reason for not wanting to disclose information about the leak was the latest developments related to Facebook. Google simply did not want problems with the US government.

However, now the company immediately decided to close the social network in connection with the disclosure of information about the leak. It is not yet known how the relevant US agencies will react to this, but the situation is very unpleasant. At the same time, the company will not close Google+ completely. The social network will still be available for business.

Currently, Google+ is popular among businessmen, according to statistics, 90% of users did not spend on the social network site for more than 5 seconds. In addition, Google in the near future plans to provide a more perfect analogue of Google+. Google will give users 10 months to transfer data, after which the social network will be unavailable.

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