Lines – Zen puzzle for charging the brain

<pre>Lines - Zen puzzle for charging the brain

To think in full power in the summer is not easy. Usually this prevents the heat, because of which the work seems impossible, and study – unbearable. The game “Lines” will help to come back to normal. In it, we prove our intellectual advantage over the computer.

The meaning of the game is simple: you need to create the longest line. We will draw them on the playing field, the form of which changes at each level. To win, we put a point in the most advantageous place of the map.

As soon as the points are spread out, the paint will begin to spread evenly. When different colors come into contact, the movement of the lines stops. The task is to get an unquestionable advantage in the form of the largest percentage of domination.

In other words, after the round, the proportion of your color on the playing field should be the largest. Then we win the battle and move to the next one. Controlling the percentage is helped by the lines at the bottom of the display.

The number of points is limited. At first, we click on the game field once, then two or more. To win, you have to think ahead and anticipate the development of the situation.

There are five modes in the game. In addition to placing points on the line, we are also waiting for the erasure of the position of the opponent, cutting lines, drawing them with your fingers and so on. The process is diverse – it will not be boring.

“Lines” is an unusual opportunity to get pleasure from intellectual charging. The game offers 250 levels, daily tests and a lot of positive emotions.

Game: Lines Developer: Leo De Sol Games Category: Puzzle Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play has already been interested in:             11 people

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