Lyft hired former manager Tesla Autopilot to develop autonomous vehicles

<pre>Lyft hired former manager Tesla Autopilot to develop autonomous vehicles

Samir Qureshi left his post as Senior Program Manager for Autopilot in Tesla and joined Lyft, it became known from his profile on LinkedIn. Tesla declined to comment, but Lyft confirmed that Kureshi had joined the company's team this week. In Lyft, Qureshi will be the director of the product of autonomous driving and will focus on creating the Lyft 5 autopilot (last). Level 5 – this is when a person does not need to be behind the wheel. That is, the car will not allow a person to even touch the steering wheel and take control of himself. More details about autopilot graduation and progress in this area among the companies we wrote last week.

In Tesla Qureshi “was responsible for the entire software package of autopilot among all Tesla cars and all platforms” for more than a year. To be clear, Kureshy was not the executive director, not the vice-president and not the director, but one of the 4,000 managers in Tesla (and in Lyft he got to the queens right away). Prior to his last position in Tesla, Qureshi served as senior software and firmware manager for Tesla for more than two years.

Lyft first launched its self-managed car division in July 2017. At that time, the project was managed by Lyft Vice-President for Technology Lyuk Vincent. Since then, Lyft has been cooperating with the supplier of the Magna automotive industry in the creation of autonomous transport. Magna also invested $ 200 million in Lyft in exchange for equity participation.

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